Elysium Solid Diamond Men’s Wedding Bands

Elysium Has Arrived!

They’re here, they’re here, they’re here!

Last week we told you about a new collection from Lashbrook scheduled to arrive at our shop…and now we get to show you!

Men’s Wedding Bands:

When it comes to weddings men usually (often happily!) take the back seat, and let everything become “all about the bride”.  From the moment she becomes #engaged, the bride-to-be (& her diamond ring!) become the star of the show.  Though the notion of “happy wife, happy life” continues to resonate with couples, (and for good reason! 😉 ) we think it’s about time the diamond becomes “best friends” with both partners.

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Elysium Diamond Rings: #FashionFriday

New Arrival Alert!

Elysium by Lashbrook

Next week a new collection will be arriving at our store and we could not be more excited!
Elysium Rings are the newest thing from Lashbrook; the company that makes the Damascus Steel collection.

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Don’t be late for a very important date: Watches, Clocks & Pocketwatches

pocket watchLet’s talk “time” this #FashionFriday….

Not late, not late…. for every important date! Plenty of time to say, “Hello” & “Goodbye” because we’re not late, not late, not late!

….Thanks to a huge selection of watches, clocks, & pocketwatches!

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Citrine: November’s Birthstone

Citrine time!


Citrine is one of my favourite stones to discuss for many reasons.  Besides being a birthstone/precious gemstone, it is also recognized as a “healing crystal”.  It is said to attract wealth, promote happiness, increase energy, spark creativity, and boost joy.  In ancient times it was carried regularly as it was believed to protect against evil spirits!  Citrine is a favourite amongst both crystal and gemstone collectors.  It is a very durable and very reasonably-priced stone, making it a perfect gem to wear in jewellery!

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