Canadian Gemstone: Labradorite

‘Made In Canada’ Matters

Labradorite is an absolutely stunning Canadian(!) gemstone.  With the growing popularity of ‘#shoplocal’ initiatives, the purchasing of products that are ‘made in Canada’ has become more and more important to Canadians.  We love to show our clients Labradorite -both uncut & set in jewellery- especially if they have never heard of it before!  A unanimous favourite, this Canadian gemstone is one that everyone here at Westdale Jewellers could go on & onnnnnn about all day! 😉

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The “Friday the 13th” Edition: #FashionFriday

#FashionFridayThe13thFriday the 13th rings

Happy Friday the 13th! A day thought by some to be quite unlucky, and thought by others to be the very luckiest! No matter the case, today let’s take a look at some jewellery that is believed to bring about good luck!

Lucky charms/amulets/talismans

For centuries people have collected & carried little symbols to help bring luck.  Be it in ancient battle, for a test/exam, or just for everyday life, people have always been drawn to personal amulets that symbolize good luck & fortune!

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January Birthstone: Garnet – #FashionFriday

January Birthstone

Garnet is the birthstone for people born in January, and a traditional gift for the Second Anniversary.  Though mostly thought of as red, garnets actually come in every colour except blue! (Though red is the variety traditionally used as the January birthstone.)

Gemstone Info…

Garnet, a relatively common transparent gem & therefore modestly priced, has been popular in jewellery for millennia.

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New Year, New Me? New Year, New Jewellery!



New Year, New Me? New Year, New Jewellery!new year new rings

Happy 2017! We hope it has started off magically for you!

With 2016 now (finally!) behind us, 2017 is full of promise for a wonderful year!

As we hear the resolutions of “New Year, New Me” repeated again & again, I resolve to change the phrase: New Year, New Jewellery! (I like me just fine the way I am, thank you very much!) 😉

Let’s take a look at some great pieces to add some bling to 2017!


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Holiday Shopping: Let us help you!

Holiday shopping can drive you bananas- that’s why we are here to help 😉

If you have left things til the last minute, or can’t seem to find that one little extra ‘something’, or just want to reward yourself for finally being *done*(yay!) with your holiday shopping lists, we’ve got your back! 😉 We are open until 8PM tonight (Friday Dec. 23) and are open from 10AM-6PM tomorrow (Saturday Dec. 24)

stocking stuffers $10

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