About Us

“A True Custom Jeweller Should Have No Limits.”

Our Heritage:

Westdale Jewellers is, and always has been, a small “old world” manufacturing and retail shop. Decades ago, as a wholesale custom design and repair facility, only “regular retail” stores brought us their challenges. If you’ve ever been to a store that has to “send your job out”, you may have dealt with us already! As times changed, we grew into a custom facility that accommodated the public as well as stores. In the late 80’s, we moved into the Westdale area and now focus on our own retail clientele.

Every member of our multi-talented staff not only assists clients at the sales counters, changes batteries and watch bands, and accepts repair jobs, they also create pieces in the shop, on the bench. We all design and create our own original pieces and we all work in our in-house metalsmithing workshop. Everyone does their share of renewing pearl and bead strands, refinishing stones, making rubber moulds and creating production waxes. We also detail and carve one-of-a-kind waxes, then cast them in gold, silver or platinum. We finish the rough chunks of precious metal into finished pieces, and we set  the gems into those settings. We have a broad range of final finishes, from antique patinas to various textures or mirror finishes. Everyone is very knowledgeable about the conception, creation, repair and maintenance of fine jewellery. And recently, we upgraded our traditional old school talents to include state of the art computer “design and grow” techniques.

Westdale Jewellers regularly works with fine and sterling silver, gold in all of its colours and karatages, and in specialty metals like palladium and platinum. We not only work with virgin metals, Westdale Jewellers is the only jeweller in the area to recycle our clients’ own materials into whatever they desire. We have an extensive collection of loose, unset precious and semiprecious gems, allowing us to allow our customers to choose the actual stones that will be in their piece. This allows us to put together beautiful custom pieces on-site, without lengthy delays. If a setting isn’t in our inventory, we have the expertise to create one from scratch, or order one from our comprehensive catalog system, if necessary.

We enjoy a challenge and we very rarely fail. We work with you, the client, at every stage of the project beginning with your initial

design, continuing through the wax, through rough cast, to finished pieces. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but for the client, the wait always seems to be worth it. Most of our clients “want what they want”, not whatever happens to be in the counter at the time.

In addition to creating and repairing fine jewellery, we renew antiquities and collectibles. Westdale Jewellers are one of the few Silversmith houses operating in the peninsula. We can create a handle or tea spout or make feet to match if one gets broken off and lost. Not only do we work with Sterling, we also repair and renew Silver Plate. We refinish and plate smaller items in our own shop but send your larger items, like trays, to a licensed associate. Fortunately, one of our associates operates the finest silver plating house in Canada, and our partnership with them allows us to provide their superior level of expertise at small volume prices.

We offer full watch and clock repairs. Simple repairs like changing battery and straps are done on premise, while you wait. For more complicated jobs, we provide a free quote for the repair, either from the manufacturer’s service depot or our after market associate. You authorize the work before we do any work on your timepieces. All of our work comes with a one year warranty.

We are proud of our antique, collectible and reproduction pieces. Alongside these local and imported pieces, you will find a selection of modern fashion pieces and jewellery created in-house by our own staff. We stock almost every gemstone you can name.

We understand that jewellery is a deeply personal expression. Every customer is different, and we do our best to service their individual needs. Because of the variable nature of fitting the piece to the person, we do not give quotes over the phone or by E-mail. It is greatly preferable to us that you come in and show us what you really want, in person.

We hope to see you soon, and remember, we recycle!
(PS: We have a cat).

We are open by appointment only. To book an appointment please call us at 905-777-1101.

"Teacher Tara" from Gemology 101 with Westdale Jewellers