Beryl, Heliodor

Heliodor Beryl
Heliodor Beryl

Heliodor Beryl is a transparent gemstone “the colour of the sun”. At least, that’s what the ancients who named it thought. It ranges in colour from pale to deep yellow and it is almost always cut into a faceted gem. Unfortunately, it is often confused with the much less expensive Citrine from the Quartz family when it is, in fact, part of the Beryl group. This is the main reason why it is a relatively unknown Gem. Like its’ more famous cousins, Aquamarine and Emerald, it is relatively soft and easily chipped. If it is set in a ring, it should be low and away from potential damage. Unlike Golden Beryl, the colour is very stable and does not fade with exposure to heat or to sunlight. Heliodor Beryl maintains it value very well over time.

The colour is derived from Uranium Oxide and the stone is very faintly radioactive. It is found in the same locations as Emerald, in South America and Africa.

Heliodor Beryl is priced slightly less than Emerald and is a wonderful addition to the jewellery collection of anyone who values distinct and beautiful gemstones. We usually have several of these interesting and beautiful gems in stock, both unset and ready to go in Gold or Platinum.

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