#FashionFriday: October 12th Edition

Happy OPAL October #FashionFriday!!  Today we are going to focus on one (come on, it’s so hard to choose just one!) of my ALL TIME faaaaaavourite gemstones, the October birthstone, OPAL!

Opal is also one of my favourite topics to blog about, particularly because of its long history of fascinating humans, ripe with “superstitious” folklore. Of course it is up to the individual to subscribe (or not) to any of these “superstitions”, but here are a few of my favourite Opal beliefs:

– White Opals are unlucky, unless worn by someone born in October. (Opal is the October birthstone.)
– Black Opals are extremely lucky.
– Opals are unlucky if used as an engagement ring.
– Opal engagement rings are the luckiest in securing a long, happy marriage, if presented to a person born in October.
– Caesars gave Opals to their wives for good luck.
– In ancient times they were believed to have fallen from the sky in flashes of lightning, thus infusing them with their majestic flashes of colour.
– If the owner dies, the colour in the opal will fade.
– Opals will make you invisible.
– Opals will turn pale if there is poison present.
– Opals symbolize hope & creativity, and are thought to bring the wearer happiness & beauty.
– Opals were once feared as they were thought to resemble the “evil eye”.
– Opal miners report living long & prosperous lives.
…..Personally I like to think of Opals as one of the luckiest gemstones! With an ENTIRE RAINBOW stuffed into a stunning little stone, how can you not think of magic & good luck!?!

Now let’s get started with this week’s #FashionFridayFive!

Number 5:

This stunning opal & yellow gold bracelet is currently one of the featured pieces in our Consignment Sale!

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#FashionFriday: September 7th Edition

As summer comes to a close, we look back at our favourite summer pieces for this edition of “Five Friday Faves”


Number 5: Anklets are basically akin to a “summer anthem” in terms of how on trend they are for the warmer months.  This sterling silver anklet is from the Hammerrings Collection.

hammer and lunch bucket anklet

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#FashionFriday: June 8th

Five Faves…

Number 5:

This magnificent white gold, yellow gold & diamond ring was a custom piece created for one of our clients.  She wanted a “spinner ring” (sometimes referred to as a meditation ring) that would include multiple metals, along with a stunning row of diamonds.








Number Four:

emerald rings

As if I needed an excuse to put on ALL OF THE EMERALD RINGS, but hey, it was just May! …and Emerald is the birthstone of those lucky people born in May!

Number Three:

pearl strands

…and after May comes June…the month of the Pearl!  We have strands & singles, cultured & natural, freshwater, & salt water in every shade!

Number Two:

And of course with #WeddingSeason right around the corner, the popularity of the Lashbrook mens line continues to rise!  And it’s easy to see why- with layers & layers of …steel melted & prepared in the same style as that of a Samaeri sword, with no two rings being the same….
Lashbrook mens ring



Damascus Steel by Lashbrook

Number One:

vacation jewellery


Fashion Friday: Five Faves

Introducing our new #FashionFriday format!

Every Friday we will be showcasing our “favourite” pieces of the week, as decided by the staff here at Westdale Jewellers 🙂

Sometimes the items will be put on a weekend-long “flash sale”, and other times we will simply share our stunning pictures of the beautiful custom pieces that we have been working on with our clients.

Mark your calendars- Fridays just became even more fashionable!


This Week’s Friday Five:
cz stainless steel rings

Stainless Steel & Cubic Zirconia Rings – Regular $50.00….. *FLASH SALE* .. Now $25.00 each!

One Week Only! Offer ends Friday April 20th! 

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