Chrysocolla – A Copper Silicate

Chrysocolla Chrysocolla is a greenish-blue opaque stone, made from hydrous copper silicate. It is a non-crystalline mineral. It is the copper content which produces the greenish-blue colour, in just the same way that a shiny copper roof may rust to green. The colour range is very similar to the greenish-blue hues of Turquoise, for which Chrysocolla is often mistaken for. In fact, it may be used as a less expensive alternative to turquoise. However, the wearer must be cautious because some Chrysocolla is softer than turquoise. It is found in many of the same places in the world as Turquoise, including Chile, Nevada, Arizona, Russia, and Zaire. It is often associated with Azurite and Malachite.

Did you know? The ancient Greeks called this the “gold glue”, from the name of the metal used to solder gold.

Though we do not often have any Chrysocolla jewellery in stock, we do have chunks, chips and beads of the stone in our shop. Feel free to come take a look and we will work with you to design something really unique!

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