Is it a Chrysoprase or a fine Jade? To the uninitiated, it can be so difficult to tell.

This Translucent Silicon Dioxide material is found in the very colours that our clients seek in the finest Jades. It amazing Apple Green colour is due to traces of Nickel and to the fact that it possesses a microscopic radial crystalline structure.

When the colour is consistent throughout the stone, the price skyrockets, making this member of the Chalcedony family the most valuable member of the group. It has been mined in Frankenstein, (no kidding) in Poland, since the 14th century. Currently, the best quality comes from Queensland in Australia.

This lovely gem is slightly sensitive to both temperature and light, so reasonable care must be taken when any repairs are undertaken. It is always best to have the stone unset before, and then reset after, the work is done. The slight extra cost will insure that your precious is safe and sound.

This is definitely a gem for the collector and enthusiast alike. Come in to view some specimens while they are still available.

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