For engraving services, Westdale Jewellers has access to the most recent CAD, Impact, Photogravers and Laser engravers on the planet. Because we time-share at an exclusive facility, we are able to reproduce any image you provide, from flat, bas-relief and up to full 3-D. We also work with amazing hand engravers who have many decades of experience working in traditional styles using century-old techniques and tools.

Whatever you want or need, we can provide it for you. Bring your artwork in or we can design something for you that is one of a kind. No matter how complex, it is possible.

Police Charm

This police charm has engraved text and details around the enamel.

Beltring Engraving

This ring has a floral hand-engraved shank.

2 thoughts on “Engraving

  1. I would like to do a ring for a Christening with initials and birthstone (October)
    Would you be able to accommodate us, maybe give us some pricing? 10-14 carot or platinum? Thank you

    1. We would love to assist you with this project, Rayanne. It would be best for us to discuss in person, as the pricing will depend on a multitude of factors. Please give us a call at 905 777 1101 or come by the store at 2 Newton Avenue in Westdale Village. Looking forward to meeting with you!

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