Ethical Issues

We at Westdale Jewellers would like to explain how we differ from other internet services. First, we are a brick and mortar store at a publicly accessible location where we are fully accountable for the truthfulness and accuracy all of our claims. We have been in this location for decades and we have an excellent reputation for our ability to accurately design and produce what our clients want.

We fully comply with the requirements of the Kimberly accord, which prohibits the importation or sale of any conflict materials. We do not conduct business with any dealers presenting material from oppressive or unfair dealers. We use Canadian Diamonds, Gold, Silver and anything else, wherever possible.

Our stones are graded to strict Gemological institute of America,(GIA), the world standard. We always disclose any enhancements or treatments before finalizing any sale and if a stone falls in an area less than halfway between grades, we evaluate it at the lower grade thus eliminating the possibility of any controversy. We make every reasonable effort to resolve any questions to the satisfaction of the client. It is our opinion that there is nothing worse for a store that counts on word of mouth advertising than an unhappy client. A satisfied customer will refer friends. Common sense dictates that we do our very best to keep everyone who supports us happy.

Sometimes these policies may result in increased prices, but you can be confident in the knowledge that I will not cut costs by compromising our ethics. If you appreciate this way of conducting business, perhaps we will see you soon.

Daniel Upsdell.

Owner & Operator of Westdale Jewellers

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