Gift Guide for Mother’s Day ~ Part 2

Last week we took at look at birthstone jewellery ideas for Mother’s Day; this week we will dive into more for Mom!

flowers die...jewellery is forever

#FashionFriday for your Mom!

loveu - mothers day pendants

earrings drop dangles


Earrings are always a great choice!

No matter what your earring preference — studs or hoops, small or large, fixed or dangling, with or without stones — we can help you. We have an extensive supply of ready-to-wear pieces in silver, white and yellow gold


Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia pendants are another fabulous way to show your love for your mom!

earring hoops close up

Have you considered an antique piece?

Our inventory of original pieces span the decades from a platinum and diamond pin created in the 1920’s, through the Art Nouveau movement to modern, luxurious pearls. We have many unique pieces waiting for the right owner to fall in love with them. If you want the look of an antique but are not willing to pay the price, our replica line may interest you. We own original moulds to a full line of antique filigree settings, and if you don’t see exactly what you want in the showcase, we can design your dream to your specifications. Our in-house CAD/CAM jewellery design system gives us full power over the look of complex filigree items, and allows us to recreate lost items from an old photo! If mom lost a unique band or a precious earring, we can deliver an exact duplicate!!

february birthstone ring

vintage amethyst key

A little Canadiana for Mom, perhaps?

This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday! Celebrate this special occasion by sharing a Canadian stone with your mom!

Pictured below is ammonite; a unique gemstone found only in the Canadian West near Drumheller, Alberta. One Canadian company registered the trade name of “Ammolite” for the deposit discovered on an Albertan farm. The easiest way to remember which is which is to look in the name. The “L” in Ammo”l”ite is the legal name. The “N” in Ammo”n”ite is the natural mineral name. Both apply to exactly the same material, the remains of the giant spiral shelled sea creature, the prehistoric Ammonite!! How cool is that!?!!

Ammonite Rings #WestdaleJewellers

Another absolutely beautiful Canadian gemstone is Labradorite; a massive microcrystalline mineral composed of Sodium Calcium Aluminium Silicate and is found in Labrador, Canada. Material very similar in composition is also found in Finland and Madagascar where it is called Spectrolite.

brilliant labradorite rings

Either stone would make a gorgeous gift for this *special Canada 150 edition* of Mother’s Day! 😉

mothers day gift guide

Have a fabulous & well-accessorized day!

*blog post written by B for Westdale Jewellers*

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