March Birthstone: Aquamarine

March birthstone

Aquamarine! The birthstone for March babies! …And to celebrate we are holding another monthly birthstone contest on Facebook!! The prize is pictured below 🙂 Click here to find the contest entry form! Good Luck!

March birthstone Facebook contest

Aquamarine March BirthstoneAquamarine

Aquamarine is a gemstone of the beryl family.
It gets its name from the Latin phrase aqua marina, meaning “water of the sea”.
It is a blue stone that comes in shades varying from a pale sky-blue to a rich blue-green, depending on the iron content in each particular stone.
Read more “technical information” from ‘The Dan’ here 🙂



aquamarine bracelet

aquamarine pendant heart


Aquamarine bracelet ~ $1076


Aquamarine & Gold heart pendant ~ $800


aquamarine rings

small heart ring ~$99, middle rectangle ring ~ $688,  index finger top ring ~ $499, index finger bottom ring ~ $249

march birthstone ringmarch birthstone aquamarine


Aquamarine is dazzling in the way the it almost appears to change shades of blue right before your eyes, depending on the light!


march birthstone earrings

Thanks so much for reading! Have a gorgeous & well-accessorized day!

*blog post written by Brit for Westdale Jewellers*

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