May Birthstone: Emerald

emerald may birthstone

The May Birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May.  Happy birthday to all the emerald May babies!

Emerald is found in the Southern hemisphere, primarily in two locations. The African stones are a bluer hue and typically contain black chromite inclusions. The Colombian / Brazilian stones span the borders of the two countries and more often contain White Calcite inclusions. Both typically have a “Jardin” or “garden” of flaws. Emerald is a gem from Biblical times and continues to remain popular today.




emerald necklace, white gold, diamonds

Emeralds are not only the birthstone for May, they are also the “gem of spring”.

Emerald is the 20th & 25th wedding anniversary gift!



Emeralds with diamond halo, white gold pendant.

Below: Emerald & diamond, gold bracelets

emerald bracelets for May birthstone

emerald rings sterling silveremeralds for mayWe have a wide variety of unset repair and center stones in stock, as well as many pieces already set up in Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum. Please come in at your convenience and see our amazing selection!


Colour-enhanced emerald, sterling silver rings.

Raw emerald cluster.

Various emerald & gold rings.

gold and emerald rings

loose emeralds unset

pear shaped emerald

emerald may birthstone

may birthstone emeralds

large emerald may birthstone

May birthstone

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