Our Services

At Westdale Jewellers, we pride ourselves on our ability to make dreams come true. Whether you have a challenge relating to gems, metals or timepieces, we have a solution for you.  Our Jewellery Service includes extensive in-house capabilities, a network of associates in the GTA that supplement our inventory and services, a reputation for our ability to perform quality work at reasonable prices, all from our in-house metalsmith workshop. Some processes, like heavy electroplating, are restricted by law from residential areas. Some tasks are just too big for our small shop!

pocket watchFor our visiting European and American clients, our quick turnaround time is vital. When you’re here for a limited time, you’ll appreciate our ability to set and meet deadlines. Everything we do has a one-year warranty, no matter where in the world you are.

If this sounds like the service you deserve from a jeweller, come in and visit us!

(P.S. We have cats.)

tara the cat