The August Birthstone: Peridot

peridot august birthstone

The August Birthstone

Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that happens to be the birthstone for people born in August.

Peridot is composed from Magnesium Iron Silicate and is a good stone for general everyday wear.

Treated with reasonable caution, it will last a lifetime whether worn around the neck, in the ears or on a finger.


peridot rings august birthstone

We have a great selection of Peridots set in both silver & gold, as well as many unset stones,

just waiting to become your dream piece of custom jewellery!

peridot gold ring

peridot pendant august birthstone


peridot earrings

august birthstone

One last thing…..

This month we will be visiting one of our favourite annual jewellery shows!

Please stay tuned for maaaany new items arriving in the shop over the next few weeks!

Have a fabulous & well-accessorized day!

*blog post written by B for Westdale Jewellers*

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