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pearlsFriday June 9

June’s birthstone…The Pearl.coco chanel on pearls

Although this month sees two other gemstones (Alexandrite & Moonstone) that are sometimes referred to as the “June birthstone”, the Pearl is the classic choice for someone born in the month of June.

…Though you do not have to have a June birthday to be a pearl fan!  In fact, you are amongst some quite fashionable & fabulous fanatics!

Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Lady Sarah Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe….

…the list goes on & on!


Information From “The Dan”…Elizabeth Taylor la peregrina pearl

Pearls develop inside mollusks, bivalve shelled creatures, as a protection from irritants like a shard of shell (but not the proverbial grain of sand). The vast majority of Pearls come from a very few species of Oysters and Clams. The same material is used by the animal to propagate the shell as is used to create the Pearl. The gnarly outer layer on some shells is a concretion from other animals attaching themselves to the “rock” and foreign material. It is not considered valuable except as fertilizer.

Oysters create the finest Pearls. They secrete layer upon layer of translucent, iridescent Nacre over and over in concentric rings. The layer on layer acts prismatically: breaking apart the colours of light as well as reflecting the surface colour back to the viewer. This accounts for the “depth” of colours, or Luster” in a fine Pearl, the first factor in establishing value.

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PearlSaltwater vs. Freshwater

There is often a lot of confusion when it comes to pearls, especially in dealing with terms like “freshwater” or “saltwater”.  Here is a quick bit of info from Dan which should clear up any questions! 😉

“Saltwater Pearls obviously come from oceans and seas. Freshwater Pearls are found in lakes, rivers and streams. They are produced by different animals, oysters and clams respectively, but they yield similar products.”

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“If you really want to see a fine Pearl, come in and we can talk. We can show you Pearls in all ranges and colours; from pennies to many dollars per piece. Know what you are buying or find someone who will be truthful to you. By the way, Pearls are always in style. – Dan

jackie kennedy on pearls

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