Spring has Sprung! : Spring Trends for Jewellery

Spring Trends

Spring has sprung!

The weather is finally coming around and I think it’s now safe to say that spring has sprung!  Happy FriYAY!  Time to celebrate spring trends in jewellery!!

Spring 2017 is slated to be full of fun, fresh jewellery trends, but we will also see that some of last year’s styles are here to stay.

Artsy earrings & mismatched styles are new on the scene, while chokers & “arm parties” aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 😉

Fresh New #FashionFriday Trends…

“Dangle Cuff” & “Dangle Drop” Earrings

flower drop backing earrings

earrings gold
back drop spring trends flowers earringsThese flower ‘dangle cuff’ earrings (the earring back also has a design element – the back “cuff”) are so much fun!  Light & dainty, but bright & punchy; the added element of the second flower as the back dangle cuff is just what you need to brighten your day!


The gold & CZ dangle drop earrings are very on trend for spring too! Light, fresh & super classy! 😉spring trends dangle earrings


art earring spring trendspring trend earrings“Artsy” Earrings

One of the coolest earring trends for spring is “artsy earrings”; anything that has a style inspired by art & design.

Geometric shapes, multiple strands, swirls, unique wire twists & anything with an artsy statement vibe!


art trend earring

“Mismatched” Earringsmismatched earrings spring trend

Another fun earring trend is to “mismatch” your earrings – wearing one simple stud style complimented by a large, more attention-grabbing earring.


This is a super “multi-purpose” trend, as both the dangle earrings & the studs can be worn as matching sets later on when the ‘mismatched’ trend fades away.


We sell our sterling silver stud earrings starting at $2.00 and increasing to $27, depending on size. Low prices = an extra set of earrings to ‘mismatch’ with!! 😉
silver spring trend earrings

Long Layered Necklaceslayered necklaces

All necklaces pictured here are sterling silver.


One is rose gold plated, and one is yellow gold plated.


$40.00 each

spring trends necklaces

Trends from 2016 that are Here to Stay…

arm party trend

little black choker spring trendSome trends are still going strong & show no signs of stopping this summer!

Great examples of this are the “arm party” and the “little black choker”.

Don’t put these items into storage yet! Now is the time to be rocking these 90s inspired looks, as they aren’t going anywhere! And if you’re late to the game, we’ve got you covered 😉

We have tons of stacking bracelets, black chokers & interchangeable charms to highlight your style!

charm and little black choker

little black chokers 2017 trends

…And that’s a wrap!  Thanks so much for reading!  Have a fabulous & well-accessorized day!

*blog post written by B for Westdale Jewellers*

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