Stone Polishing, Recutting & Replacement

Stone polishing - moonstone ringsStones can experience wear-and-tear through regular use, gradually gathering nicks and scratches that can detract from their original beauty. Even diamonds can get nicked and cracked! No matter what stone you have, we can polish, recut or replace it. Our shop is fully equipped with a variety of stone polishing and faceting tools. We can touch up your favourite opal, amber or turquoise, and bring new life into your sapphires, rubies and emeralds. We also have an extensive in-house supply of loose stones so we can match and replace lost or irreparably damaged stones. If you’re looking for something brand-new, we have a large stock of rough, uncut stone material waiting for the right chance to become a fully-polished stone. If none of these options meet your needs, we are associated with an international network of gemstone supplies that can supplement our own inventory.

We guarantee that we will never exceed a service quote, and all our work has a one-year warranty. Bring your jewellery in for a free quote on refurbishing or upgrading!

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