Spring has Sprung! : Spring Trends for Jewellery

Spring Trends

Spring has sprung!

The weather is finally coming around and I think it’s now safe to say that spring has sprung!  Happy FriYAY!  Time to celebrate spring trends in jewellery!!

Spring 2017 is slated to be full of fun, fresh jewellery trends, but we will also see that some of last year’s styles are here to stay.

Artsy earrings & mismatched styles are new on the scene, while chokers & “arm parties” aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 😉

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April Birthstone: Diamond

Shine bright like a diamond!

The April Birthstone

… “Shine bright like a diamond” … “Better a diamond with a  flaw than a pebble without” … “A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure” … “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (& a man’s worst enemy)” … “The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond” … “Shine on you crazy diamond” …

……….& the list goes on & on! The subject of many a quote, diamonds are without a doubt the most well-known gemstone in the entire world!  Diamond is also the birthstone for the month of April.

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World Backup Day…What Does It Mean For Your Jewellery?

World backup day

Happy FriYAY!  Okay, so apparently today is “World Backup Day”!

…And what exactly does this mean?


A backup is a second copy of all your important files — for example, your family photos, home videos, documents and emails.” – (NationalDayCalendar.com)

…So what does World Backup Day have to do with jewellery?

Hearing about “World Backup Day” got me thinking… In a sense we often create “backup” jewellery for our clients; by way of “vacation jewellery”, or a CZ & (gold-plated) Sterling Silver replica of their Diamond & Gold treasure. Continue reading “World Backup Day…What Does It Mean For Your Jewellery?”

Halloween Jewellery: #FashionFriday

tree pendant from Westdale JewellersBoo! It’s time for Halloween Jewellery!

As Halloween quickly approaches, we have put together a little post to inspire your jewellery selections on this *spooky* #FashionFriday!

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Dancing Stone Jewellery

Dancing Stone Jewellery is one of THE most fun collections we are currently featuring at Westdale Jewellers!  Sometimes referred to as “The Twinkle Setting”, the unique design of the centre stone setting allows for the gem to move or “dance”.  As the wearer simply breathes and goes about their day, the jewellery will do all the work for you.  It shimmers, catches sunrays from all sorts of angles, and attracts attention as it constantly “dances” along your neckline, finger, and/or dangling from your ears.  The collection of dancing stone jewellery that we have in store consists of matching earring/necklace/ring sets, as well as individual pieces.  The centre stone is a cubic zirconia that is available is blue, white, and pink.

#FashionFriday : The Dancing Stone Jewellery Edition

Dancing Stone Jewellery at Westdale Jewellers

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