June Birthstone Alternatives

More June Magic!

So, you’ve got a birthday in June & pearls just aren’t your thing… No problem!  June is one of those wonderful months with not one-but TWO alternate birthstone options- Moonstone & Alexandrite!

June Birthstone

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#FashionCATURDAY [august 13 edition]

Happy Caturday!

Alexite Rings and Tara

[photo: Alexite Rings – (Alexandrite synthetic simulant) These rings change from a green to a stunningly vibrant pink hue under different lighting settings.]

Our apologies for delay on our blog this week- between getting the new inventory into the system & out on display, and the technical issues we have been experiencing at the shop (is Mercury retrograding early?!), we have been swamped to say the least!

We had The. Best. Time. Ever. at the Jewellery Trade Show that we attended earlier this week.  Seeing soooo many stunning gemstones and beautiful pieces of jewellery can actually be quite overwhelming! Continue reading “#FashionCATURDAY [august 13 edition]”