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pearlsFriday June 9

June’s birthstone…The Pearl.coco chanel on pearls

Although this month sees two other gemstones (Alexandrite & Moonstone) that are sometimes referred to as the “June birthstone”, the Pearl is the classic choice for someone born in the month of June.

…Though you do not have to have a June birthday to be a pearl fan!  In fact, you are amongst some quite fashionable & fabulous fanatics!

Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Lady Sarah Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe….

…the list goes on & on!


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#FashionFriday [July 29 edition]

Happy FriYay!

Another #FashionFriday has arrived at Westdale Jewellers.  Here’s a look at #whatwerewearing (and what we’re coveting) this week…

custom blue topaz ring custom blue topaz ring

This custom piece was created for a client who wanted “something amazing & unique” to set her beautiful (huge!) Blue Topaz stone in.  What we ended up with was a double finger ring with the stone set between the two fingers.  It also offers  a “reversible” feature; the setting “flips” over back & forth to display either side of the stone.  The first picture (option #1) shows the stone sitting flat, and the second (option # 2) is the underside of the gem, surrounded by beautiful seed pearls.  We really had fun with this one! Continue reading “#FashionFriday [July 29 edition]”