Canadian Diamonds & A Little Bit About Ethics…

Happy FriYAY!  Today’s edition of #FashionFriday will be a little bit different than usual.  First we are going to learn a little bit about Canadian Diamonds, then over to Dan to discuss the importance of upholding the highest ethics in the jewellery business.  After that, your regularly scheduled #FashionFriday programming will resume 😉

Canadian Diamonds

We use only Canadian Diamonds from the Diavik Diamond Mine, located 220 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle.

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Elysium Solid Diamond Men’s Wedding Bands

Elysium Has Arrived!

They’re here, they’re here, they’re here!

Last week we told you about a new collection from Lashbrook scheduled to arrive at our shop…and now we get to show you!

Men’s Wedding Bands:

When it comes to weddings men usually (often happily!) take the back seat, and let everything become “all about the bride”.  From the moment she becomes #engaged, the bride-to-be (& her diamond ring!) become the star of the show.  Though the notion of “happy wife, happy life” continues to resonate with couples, (and for good reason! 😉 ) we think it’s about time the diamond becomes “best friends” with both partners.

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Elysium Diamond Rings: #FashionFriday

New Arrival Alert!

Elysium by Lashbrook

Next week a new collection will be arriving at our store and we could not be more excited!
Elysium Rings are the newest thing from Lashbrook; the company that makes the Damascus Steel collection.

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