Apatite is a relatively obscure Gem that can be confused with Peridot or Sapphire. It is a much “softer” stone and displays a warm glow rather than a hard glitter. It occurs Clear, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet.

It is not suitable for a ring, as it could be damaged easily by hard treatment. Not only is it softer than most gems, it is also brittle and easily chipped if it receives hard contact. Rather, it is best suited, and often found in antique pieces, such as in a brooch, pendant or in a set of earrings. No matter how it is used, it is a beautiful stone for evening wear or high fashion.

Apatite has fallen from favour because of the delicateness of the stone and is primarily found in collections rather than in the jewellery boxes of someone who would wear it every day. Come in to view some Apatite when you’re in the neighbourhood.