Citrine is a type of Quartz which ranges in colour from orange-yellow to very pale yellow to bright canary. It is formed the same way as amethyst and all other types of quartz, in crystals inside geodes. The yellow colour occurs as a reaction to heat–either natural heat within the earth due to pressure or proximity to magma flows, or heat purposely applied by people to turn amethysts or smoky quartz into Citrines. However, Citrines which have been deliberately heat-treated will always show a hint of red in the colour, whereas natural stones are typically a paler yellow.

Sometimes, the heating process is interrupted and a stone may end up partly yellow (as a Citrine) and partly purple (from Amethyst)! This interesting gem is known as Ametrine, for obvious reasons.

Citrine is found in Brazil, the U.S., Spain, Russia, France and Scotland. Like all quartz, it is a tough, hard stone which is well suited to wear in rings or any other type of jewellery. And like other quartz, is also a relatively inexpensive gem.

Citrine makes a beautiful cost-effective alternative to similarly-coloured Imperial Topaz, a lovely gift for anyone born in November (it’s the alternate birthstone), or a fun and classy way to add a zesty, lemony punch to a great outfit!

We always have a selection of Citrine of varied colours, hues and sizes set in Sterling and Gold.

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