Custom Work

Have you ever dreamed of that one amazing piece of jewellery you can’t find anywhere? Does it haunt you and you’re weary of searching? Don’t give up, we create custom jewellery and have a reputation for making dreams come true.

If you bring in your own artwork, there’s no need to settle for “pretty close”, you’ll get exactly what you show us. If you bring in two or three pictures and want a synthesis of them, we make a quick sketch of  what we think you want. while you’re here. You guide us with, “a little more here” or “a little less there”, until you’re satisfied. Then we render it on 3D software or hand carve a wax. Finally, when all of the “I love it …. but …” sessions are finished, we cast into metal. We get final approval from you and then set the stones. A buff and polish and there it is, your new, unique piece of custom jewellery. It’s amazing how quickly and easily your ideas transform from sketch or wax to an unique, personalized, affordable design in your choice of precious metals and stones.

As well, we can engineer unique adaptations of things you’ve seen or modify a ring you’ve inherited that’s almost-but-not-quite perfect or just recycle your own old metals into an entirely new custom jewellery piece. (Using your own metals and stones is an excellent way to retain all the sentiments of a meaningful piece while transforming it into something new that you can really love to wear!)

So, gather up your broken chains, single earrings and rarely worn items and come in to see a demonstration of how easy it can be to acquire what you really want in fine jewellery.

The pictures below are examples of waxes built from a CAD/CAM Model. With a few magic passes on the computer, a small detail can become dominant or a large feature can be quieted or softened. We have an extensive library of both computer-designed and hand-carved pieces. Wax is much more easy to modify than metal. We make sure that all of our clients approve either the design drawings or the wax before proceeding to metal.

Wax Examples

custom jewellery hand-carved wax


custom jewellery computer-designed rhino wax

If you have a hard time imagining a metal piece from a wax or drawing, we offer sterling silver casting for a modest charge. Some customers find it easier to picture their finished custom jewellery piece from a metal model: the silver casting also allows for snug fits to be checked and perfected without destroying the fragile wax. Finally, when the wax or silver model has been approved, we cast your dream in the metal of your choice, apply any finishes required and set your choice of stones.

We also offer “travel-friendly” silver copy services. If you have an expensive piece that you can’t bear to leave behind on a trip, but you’re afraid of the possibility of theft or damage, we can create an identical piece in sterling silver with cubic zirconia or other synthetic stones. This copy will look and feel just like your original, but at a fraction of the cost.

When you’re ready to refuse “good enough”, come in and see us!