#FashionFriday [July 29 edition]

Happy FriYay!

Another #FashionFriday has arrived at Westdale Jewellers.  Here’s a look at #whatwerewearing (and what we’re coveting) this week…

custom blue topaz ring custom blue topaz ring

This custom piece was created for a client who wanted “something amazing & unique” to set her beautiful (huge!) Blue Topaz stone in.  What we ended up with was a double finger ring with the stone set between the two fingers.  It also offers  a “reversible” feature; the setting “flips” over back & forth to display either side of the stone.  The first picture (option #1) shows the stone sitting flat, and the second (option # 2) is the underside of the gem, surrounded by beautiful seed pearls.  We really had fun with this one!

[Photo#1 Blue Topaz Ring, topside – custom order.  Photo#2 Blue Topaz Ring, underside – custom order]


gold and silver rings

This week I am all about the mix/match… From pairing gold with silver, high end with low, and even contrasting styles, I just cannot get enough of the juxtaposition!  A recent birthday -and some friends with reaaaally good taste- are to thank for the Gold Smokey Quartz (ring finger) & the small Emerald Gold band (index finger, top).  The giant (and admittedly fairly ostentatious) pirate skull (middle finger) is Sterling Silver with 2 White Cubic Zirconias in the eye & rose.  Although it’s a bit “out there”, it’s one of my favourite pieces.  My Moonstone (index finger, bottom) is set in Silver, with small leaf designs attaching it on the sides.  ….And no, the Smokey Quartz is not an engagement ring- I simply didn’t want that finger to feel left out today!

[Photo Smokey Quartz in Gold, Cubic Zirconia in Silver, Emerald in Gold, Moonstone in silver – all personal pieces]


multi strand floating pearls stacking pearl strands celtic anklet

This week D is channeling her inner Coco Chanel!  A classic white & black outfit is complimented with strands and strands of pearls.  Pearls are so wonderful because they can quickly dress up a “casual” outfit, and bring you from boring to adorning! 😉  (Okay- bad pun, but you get the idea…)  The addition of a small silver charm anklet keeps the look fun, while maintaining the classic appeal.

[Photo#1 Multi Strand Floating Pearl Necklace – personal piece, but available at Westdale Jewellers $49.99.  Photo#2 Stacking Pearl Bracelet Strands – personal piece, but available at Westdale Jewellers $12.50.  Photo #3 Sterling Silver Celtic Charm & Anklet – personal piece, but many charms & chains of varying lengths/styles available at Westdale Jewellers – prices vary.]



*Blog Post written by B for Westdale Jewellers*




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