#FashionFriday: June 8th

Five Faves…

Number 5:

This magnificent white gold, yellow gold & diamond ring was a custom piece created for one of our clients.  She wanted a “spinner ring” (sometimes referred to as a meditation ring) that would include multiple metals, along with a stunning row of diamonds.








Number Four:

emerald rings

As if I needed an excuse to put on ALL OF THE EMERALD RINGS, but hey, it was just May! …and Emerald is the birthstone of those lucky people born in May!

Number Three:

pearl strands

…and after May comes June…the month of the Pearl!  We have strands & singles, cultured & natural, freshwater, & salt water in every shade!

Number Two:

And of course with #WeddingSeason right around the corner, the popularity of the Lashbrook mens line continues to rise!  And it’s easy to see why- with layers & layers of …steel melted & prepared in the same style as that of a Samaeri sword, with no two rings being the same….
Lashbrook mens ring



Damascus Steel by Lashbrook

Number One:

vacation jewellery