Gift Guide for Mother’s Day ~ Part 1

Happy Mother's Day

That wonderful time of year when we celebrate our magical mothers is upon us again!

Food For Thought: The Mother’s Day Calculator

A Mother’s Value…

1)Fill in your age.
2)Multiply by 52 weeks/year
3)Multiply by 7 days/week
4)Multiply by 24 hours/day
5)Multiply by $0.50/hour

Every mother has to be worth AT LEAST $0.50/hour.

That means, if you are 18 years old, your mother has $78,624.00 in unpaid back wages!

Now we know not everyone can afford to pay their Mom $0.50/hour, but we have deals to suit every budget this Mother’s Day!

Come in and let us help you show your appreciation for your Mom.Mother's Day gift guide

#FashionFriday for your Mom!

A birthstone piece is a lovely way to show your love for your mom.  Though we do have loads of different birthstone pieces in store, we are custom jewellers!  If you would like us to create a special piece of jewellery custom for your mom, please come in to discuss with us so we can be sure to have it ready for May 14th! 😉

See below for examples of birthstones for each month…

Birthstone Jewellery

January ~ Garnet
january birthstone mom
February ~ Amethyst
february birthstone mom
March ~ Aquamarine
march birthstone mom
April ~ Diamond/Cubic Zirconiaapril birthstone mom

May ~ Emerald
may birthstone mom




June ~ Alexandrite/Pearl
june birthstone mom
July ~ Ruby
july birthstone mom
August ~ Peridot
august birthstone mom
September ~ Sapphire
september birthstone mom
October ~ Opal/Tourmalineoctober birthstone mom





November ~ Citrine/Topaz
november birthstone mom
December ~ Blue Zircon/Blue Topaz
dec birthstone momdecember birthstone mom…& this is just the beginning!

We still have just over two weeks before the big day is upon us, and we will be featuring more Mother’s Day gift suggestions next #FashionFriday! 😉
Stay tuned!


Mother's Day gift guide part one

Have a fabulous & well-accessorized day!

*blog post written by B for Westdale Jewellers*


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