Reknotting & Restringing

Restringing PearlsWith time, pearl strands will sometimes need to be serviced with a reknotting or restringing job. Some customers have a strand of natural Polynesian black pearls. Others have Chinese freshwaters, and some have stone or glass beads. Some strands are individually knotted between each element, and some are strung on a piece of fishing line. Some are long enough to put over your head, and some have intricate clasps. Strands come in countless varieties, but they all have one thing in common: the beads hang on by a thread.

Wear-and-tear affects everything you wear, and thread is no exception. As the elements twist and shift, they grind away at their lifeline. Sooner or later, the line will begin to show signs of age: if it is ignored, it can eventually break at a critical point. We recommend that you bring your strands in for periodic checkups, and it is one of the free services we offer. If your strand is showing signs of wear, restringing or reknotting is usually a simple and quick repair job.

We stock fine silk thread in many colours and weights. We also carry Nylon, Acculon (a steel-cored line), Elasticity (a stretchy, durable polymer), and many other fibres. We also have a large selection of gold, sterling silver, and costume metal clasps. If you’ve lost a bead or a pearl, we have a large inventory of pearls, beads and bits to try and find a match. If we have nothing suitable in stock, we are associated with major Canadian import houses and can rely on their enormous speciality inventories.

From pearls to plastic, we can provide you with what you need. Bring in your old or damaged strands for a free checkup and quote!

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