World Backup Day…What Does It Mean For Your Jewellery?

World backup day

Happy FriYAY!  Okay, so apparently today is “World Backup Day”!

…And what exactly does this mean?


A backup is a second copy of all your important files — for example, your family photos, home videos, documents and emails.” – (

…So what does World Backup Day have to do with jewellery?

Hearing about “World Backup Day” got me thinking… In a sense we often create “backup” jewellery for our clients; by way of “vacation jewellery”, or a CZ & (gold-plated) Sterling Silver replica of their Diamond & Gold treasure. Continue reading “World Backup Day…What Does It Mean For Your Jewellery?”

The December Birthstone: Blue Zircon & Blue Topaz

🎼I’ll have a bluuuuuueeee birthstone for December…. 🎼

December Birthstone…December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

December is another one of those strange months in terms of birthstones;
a quick Google search will tell you that the birthstones for December are Turquoise, Tanzanite, Topaz, and Zircon!  For the most part it depends on where you live, as different parts of the world recognize different stones as the “assigned birthstones”.  Here in North America we use Blue Zircon & Blue Topaz as the birthstones for December.  Let’s explore!

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Citrine: November’s Birthstone

Citrine time!


Citrine is one of my favourite stones to discuss for many reasons.  Besides being a birthstone/precious gemstone, it is also recognized as a “healing crystal”.  It is said to attract wealth, promote happiness, increase energy, spark creativity, and boost joy.  In ancient times it was carried regularly as it was believed to protect against evil spirits!  Citrine is a favourite amongst both crystal and gemstone collectors.  It is a very durable and very reasonably-priced stone, making it a perfect gem to wear in jewellery!

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#FashionFriday [July 29 edition]

Happy FriYay!

Another #FashionFriday has arrived at Westdale Jewellers.  Here’s a look at #whatwerewearing (and what we’re coveting) this week…

custom blue topaz ring custom blue topaz ring

This custom piece was created for a client who wanted “something amazing & unique” to set her beautiful (huge!) Blue Topaz stone in.  What we ended up with was a double finger ring with the stone set between the two fingers.  It also offers  a “reversible” feature; the setting “flips” over back & forth to display either side of the stone.  The first picture (option #1) shows the stone sitting flat, and the second (option # 2) is the underside of the gem, surrounded by beautiful seed pearls.  We really had fun with this one! Continue reading “#FashionFriday [July 29 edition]”