Watch & Clock Repairs

Watch repair - Rose gold watch and braceletOur watch repair services range from simple jobs like battery and band replacements up to complex overhauls and full rebuilds. Whatever the brand or style, whether your watch is mechanical, automatic or electric, our experienced technicians can bring your timepieces to their full working order. We also do preventative maintenance like gasket replacement. That’s the “little rubber bits” that keep the water out.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers refuse to release parts to independent jewellers: they require that their own in-house technicians handle their watch repair. In the event that your brand requires factory service, we can forward it to the appropriate facility and ensure its safe delivery and return by insured courier. In case your timepiece is out of warranty, we will do our best to order replacement parts and install them with the same precision as factory personnel.

We are able to service everything from Chinese No Names, to Rolex, Cartier, Tag, and beyond!

Bring your watch or clock in for a free quote! Everything we work on has a one year warranty.

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  1. panerai pam111
    i need two crown bridge screws and in time the threads in mine have stretched
    how much are the parts and will it be the exact screw an original specifications in stainless steel

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