World Backup Day…What Does It Mean For Your Jewellery?

World backup day

Happy FriYAY!  Okay, so apparently today is “World Backup Day”!

…And what exactly does this mean?


A backup is a second copy of all your important files — for example, your family photos, home videos, documents and emails.” – (

…So what does World Backup Day have to do with jewellery?

Hearing about “World Backup Day” got me thinking… In a sense we often create “backup” jewellery for our clients; by way of “vacation jewellery”, or a CZ & (gold-plated) Sterling Silver replica of their Diamond & Gold treasure.  We have even been known to lend out “loaner” watches or rings to clients who would ‘feel lost’ without having something on their wrist/finger while their own piece is in the shop being repaired!

We want our clients to be aware of all of the services we offer – if having one of your pieces replicated with less expensive material (so that you can have more peace of mind while traveling) is something that interests you, please come in & have a chat with us! 😉

…And spring has sprung!

…which usually brings with it the notion of “spring cleaning”.  While we’re on the topic of “backing up” your jewellery, “spring cleaning” your trinkets & treasures is another great idea for this time of year!  Gem Gossip did a fabulous blog post about how to “spring clean” your jewellery box! Definitely worth a read! Check it out HERE!


CZ replica ring

~ stunning CZ replica ring ~

Enjoy your vacation & feel completely at ease, relaxing on a beach, with the knowledge that the ring sparkling on your finger is a CZ replica…and the real treasure is safe at home 😉

Moissanite is another gemstone whose appearance closely resembles a diamond.  Moissanite also makes for great “backup” or “vacation jewellery”! …but more about Moissanite on next week’s blog, so you’ll have to stay tuned! 😉

CZ rings

vacation cinnamon rings

vacation jewellery for world backup day

vacation rings for world backup day
Though planning a vacation will definitely have you filled with excitement, the notion of selecting your perfect “vacation jewellery” is the ‘icing on the cake’ when it comes to vaca prep!

The wooden jewellery range that we carry at Westdale Jewellers is some great example of some pieces that are ideal for beach destinations.

Many of the pieces include inlaid slices of actual cinnamon sticks!

cinnamon ring

Whether you are currently planning a vacation or not, I hope you enjoyed this post & learning a little bit more about what we do at Westdale Jewellers! 😉

Thanks so much for reading!

Have a gorgeous & well-accessorized day!

*blog post written by B for Westdale Jewellers*

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